Internet Consulting for Small Business, Groups or the Hobbyist

Our Motto: Those Who Adapt, Control the Future

1997 – We built our first websites, while working at AOL, to show friends out of state our fishing pictures

2000 – After numerous requests to build websites for our friends & family. AZ13 Consulting takes on our first Website Clients
– Soon after, three of us quit our 9-5 jobs to pursue consulting full-time 

2001 – We start to build a network of websites of our own, to assist our client’s projects

2002 – Our network of websites host 750,000 monthly views to tens of thousands of visitors
– (A Lot at the time)
– Our Clients are very satisfied with our efforts 

2004 – We started as the hub of our Hunting & Shooting websites
– Now over 350 websites in three networks

2005 Our Fishing Website is Published in a book as a quality resource
Fishing Arizona: Your Guide to Arizona’s Best Fishing
(Oct, 2005) by Guy J. Sagi

2005 – We attend Trade Shows, as media, for the first time to take photos for our websites & friends on forums.
– In the last 12+ years we have attended dozens of events as media in over a dozen states 

2009 We start to use YouTube to host video.
– Our YT channels now have over 170,000 Subscribers & 150 MILLION video views
– We have posted over 5,000 videos on You Tube
– We manage over a dozen You Tube Channels

2009 We begin to travel to shows across the country for our Websites & YouTube
– SHOT Show 2009 Orlando, Florida
– NRA Show 2010 Charlotte, NC
– Outdoor Retailer 2010 Salt Lake City, UT

2010 – Gun Digest 2010
Article on page 282 – 283
Century International Arms M-70 AB2T Yugo Underfolder
We wrote a two page descriptive article on one of the Yugoslavian models of the AK47 Rifle. Its history, comparison and how it shoots

2011 We have the first 100 Arizona Flag Patches sewn, and start our online logo gear projects and online store
– We now have dozens of Sewn & PVC Patch designs as well as Stickers, Decals & other logo gear on our Online Store, eBay and Amazon

2012 We toured the USA visiting manufacturers and YouTube friends
– 13 States
– 5,000 Miles

Jan 2012 – Our Guns & Video Footage was featured on the Modern Marvels cable T.V. show
– Modern Marvels: Tiny Weapons
– Originally Aired: Wednesday, Jan 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM
– on The History Channel

2013 Together with our friends online, we started meeting on the 2nd day of each month to promote awareness of our Second Amendment. We still meet on the 2nd day of each month

2013 We built Gun an online community focused on firearms
– 5,000+ Members
– 24/7 Chat

Sept 2015 Our 1st Successful Kickstarter Project
– $13,141 pledged
– 438% funded
– 625 backers

March 2016 We started a daily podcast.
– 90 minutes each weekday
– Now on episode 350+

June 2016 We created an online community for the Every 2nd Matters activists

June 2017 Our 2nd Successful Kickstarter Project
– $13,893 pledged
– 231% funded
– 434 backers

2017 Tours of the USA
– 6 Tours
– 18 states

– 45+ Days
– 11,000+ Miles

2018 Tours of the USA
– 5 Tours
– 16 states

– 52+ Days
– 12,000+ Miles

2019 Tours of the USA
– 7 Tours
– 19 states

– 43+ Days
– 12,000+ Miles

Our Mission is to create online communities, to aid in economic growth, by providing an environment to foster partnership among individuals, local businesses & government agencies. To publish, maintain and connect a network of community websites designed to entertain, educate and enlighten our website visitors, while maintaining standards of personal morals, business ethics and web etiquette.

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